NEW "TREND" IN THE WORLD: People Buy Clothes To Take Photos Of Instagram And Return It Back

Have social networks started to dictate the pace of life? Do you feel that most people are under too much pressure because of that?

To look fashionable, the number of people who buy clothes online is getting bigger, and after a day they return it after having made the perfect Instagram photo.

Since the phenomenon "outfit of the day" for Instagram mostly infected are men and women from 35 to 44 years. Most interesting is that a larger percentage of people who do this are men, a British research shows this.

People like to give the impression that they are fashion icons and do not allow themselves to be seen twice in the same clothing on social networks. This new "trend" negative impact on fashion brands that receive back already wearing clothes.

It looks like the world is slowly getting out of social networks.


GIRLS ARE OBSESSED WITH THIS TREND: This Is The Most Wanted Hairstyle On Pinterest!

Summer 2018 for sure will be a sign of this easy hairstyle that you'll be able to do in less than one minute.

If you belong to that group of girls who most want "bumpy" bun, especially when temperatures are high, we can finally say that we have reached your 5 minutes.

Judging from one of our favorite social network Pinterest, this hairstyle became the most searched hairstyle, because all girls want this summer to have exactly this carefree "shaggy" look.

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You will admit that this is a sweet and relaxed hairstyle ideal for the beach and the warm days when you do not want to spend too much time on the hair, and it looks attractive and beautiful on any length of hair. 



A famous trend is returning to the world of jewelry and fashion accessories, which will appeal to many girls.

It's about yellow gold, pearls and their combinations in earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Of course, modern jewelry remains, which is financially accessible to all, but of course, if you like, you can invest money in a classic piece of jewelry that you will have for life.

Ordinary costume jewelry after a few years loses glitter and it can happen that you can not wear it anymore. But it will never happen with the pearl necklace, nor with the gold earrings and chains.

You can choose earrings with hanging pendants, a necklace with a medallion with a written name of a gold wire. Couples can choose both models in a combination of gold and other details.

The choice is huge for these timeless pieces of jewelry that you can take out from your mother's boxes.

See ideas for inspiration:


5 Nail Polishes That Best Suit With A Dark Tan

Although most girls choose the color of a nail polish by the combination of clothes, the summer is a period when you can combine it with your tan. If you want to highlight the dark tan that you received during the summer vacation, select one of these colors for your nails.


White nail polish is a real favorite among trendsetters worldwide. The reason is the contrast between the bright nail polish and the dark complexion. Nails come to the fore and fit perfectly with the bronze color of the skin. You can select any shade, the choice is only yours.


If you adore color nail polish and still want to achieve contrast with your tan, pastel colors are a perfect choice. They have the same effect as the white nail polish, just they are warmer and lighter.


You do not have to give up the red color in the summer. Bright red shades and those with orange tones are great. If you want to rest from the classic red, feel free to varnish your nails with orange nail polish. These colors look great in combination with the dark tan.


Although blue and green are cold colors, they fit perfectly with the dark tan. Turquoise, light or green are really popular this summer. Nails in these colors will not be unnoticed.


Color shades are an eternal classic in the beauty world. They combine with everything, and even with the dark tan. You will never make a mistake with this color, and it looks great on shorter nails.

The Most Feminine And Most Popular Piece Of Clothing For Summer 2018

Almost every girl is in an eternal quest for a simple and striking piece of clothing that she can wear from Saturday till evening, and she can combine it in hundreds of ways. If you find yourself in this description, you came to the right place!

Do you already have noticed this top with a tie made of linen on Instagram? It looks like it's everywhere. The model comes from the Australian brand Posse, whose handmade clothes can only be purchased online.

The lean cut and lightweight fabric give a special look to this fashionable piece that is ideal for warm summer days.

This timeless piece can be found in two versions. One is the minimalist that easily fits into each wardrobe, and the other is striking that turns all the looks towards you.

No matter which model you choose, you will not be wrong!


9 Reasons Why Your Shoes Look Cheap

Trying to follow fashion trends, many women forget that the famous and expensive brand is not the same as a good model of shoes. If you still wear too high, uncomfortable shoes or shoes with a strange decoration, these tips will be needed.


Expensive dresses decorated with stones can look really good. But the shoes with too flashy details look strange. Also, the crystals used on shoes are of poor quality and can often fall even after the first wearing. If you really want flashy footwear, choose some with a metallic tint.


Some women like to wear high platform shoes. But no matter how much you pay for them, these shoes will never look expensive or elegant. The high platform changes the proportion of the whole body and makes you look strange. It's best to choose shoes with a very small platform or without it. To look good you need classic shoes with high heels.


Try to avoid wearing too many colors because even the most expensive clothes may look cheap if the shades are not well balanced. It is best to combine up to 2 colors.


Collars, thread, and bangs may look good, but sometimes designers add too much of these shoe details. It's all right to choose shoes with a couple of threads, but avoid those with too many accessories.


Although they look good, these shoes are often dirty and damaged after you put on them. Matt shoes of the same shape will look much more expensive. If you want glossy leather shoes, choose some with a neutral color like beige, black or white.


It may be a real temptation to buy these shoes, but it's really important to choose the right color. Classic leopard print shoes are usually associated with a bad taste for fashion. If you want animal prints, select some unusual design.


Always try to find comfortable shoes. Uncomfortable shoes often look strange and have a bad influence on the health of the back and legs. Even if you find the shoes of your dreams, do not buy them if they are too tight or if walking in them is painful. The unstable look looks bad, no matter how expensive you are wearing. In addition, the smallest change in your walking can damage the soles, and this also has a bad influence on health.


Many brands have started to produce eco leather shoes, and that's great. But popular stores that sell shoes made of fake leather are of very poor quality. These shoes look cheap and quickly lose their shape. If you want boots from fake leather, it is best to choose some lower ones.


To leave a good impression, worry about your shoes and attempt a repair them if necessary. There are many ways to clean the shoes made of different materials.


DIOR DIOR DIOR: New Jewelry Collection!

Victoire de Castellane, a brilliant French jeweler, who at the same time was the creative director of Dior Joaillerie since 1998, recently unveiled a new collection, simply dubbed Dior Dior Dior...

Created as a homage to the Haute Couture creations of this house, the collection is inspired by various types of lace that are present in the archive of this brand.

Dior Dior Dior successfully transforms the lace into colored precious stones, adapting it to necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings.


Kylie Jenner Celebrated Her 21st Birthday In A Glitter Overalls

Fashion icon Kylie Jenner turned 21. Although very young, Kylie is the richest in the whole Kardashian-Jenner Clan. She counts the days when she can officially be declared a billionaire.

Apart from the successful business, Kylie became a mother half-year ago. She now has her daughter, Stormy Webster, with whom we are scattered through pictures, in honor of her birthday.

The evening celebration was reserved for the elderly members of the family, so she took her sisters and her mother to dinner, so she immortalized all the socializing with a photograph. Kylie decided, as always, to shine again, so she changed hair color one day and chose a lot of glamorous combinations.

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The first combination was high heels with thin cords, which binds around the wrists and dress in the same pink color.

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The main focus in the second combination was the glowing overalls and the big long wig, hairs tied in a horse's tail. She combined the bag with the overalls, and she decided on subtle jewelry and simple high heels.

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Modern Mother From Russia Dresses Her Daughter In The Same Combinations

Russian woman with a keen sense of style attracts fans on Instagram with the modern look.

Tatiana Orlenskaya has her mini-copy, that is her 4-year-old daughter, Eva Lyalina. 36-year-old designer regularly shares photos on which they are dressed in the same combinations. 

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Tatiana dressed Evа like yourself since she was a baby.

Orlenskaya stands behind the fashion brand Tatiana V. Lyalina. Only on Instagram, she has more than 311,000 fans.

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Так интересно, кто о чем мечтает И что делает для воплощения? Лично я мечтаю о благополучной старости со своими родными и близкими, где-то на юге Франции или Италии, о постоянных путешествиях со своим дедушкой, прогуливаясь под ручку по узким улочкам посещая местные кафе. Мммм 😌😌😌 наслаждаясь ароматным кофе и свеже испечёнными круасанами. Вижу большой сад с большим количеством розовых цветов, фонтанами и парой лебедей! А я буду самой счастливой и самой доброй бабушкой с огромным сердцем! Я все делаю для этого и всем сердцем этого желаю!
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